Cell phones linked to infertility

The use of wireless internet and smartphones continues, connecting with loved ones – for anything, anytime, anywhere – has never been easier or more convenient than today.


Dr Aviva Pinto, Infertility Consultant, Nova IVI Fertility, Bangalore

"However, every coin has a flip side. Research says that compared to the United States an average Indian is exposed to 5-10 times higher levels of electromagnetic radiation, emitted from cellular towers and mobile phones," said Dr Aviva Pinto, Infertility Consultant, Nova IVI Fertility, Bangalore.

Studies conducted in this area show that effects of radiation include DNA damage and inability to self-repair, lowered immunity, decreased melatonin levels, cell damage and many more. But above all the most serious health hazard is infertility.

Clinical data estimates that almost 15 percent of Indian couples suffer from some form of infertility.

In men, studies link mobile phone use with decrease in production and quality of a man's sperm, while in women, research suggests that exposure to cellular radiation could be harmful to both expectant mothers and their unborn children.

"Exposure to radiation in the last months of pregnancy can affect the spinal cord of the baby. In addition, some studies have shown that mobile phone radiation can cause damage to the DNA of cells. It can cause damage to chromosomes, changes to the activity of certain genes and an increase in the rate of cell division and replication," pointed Dr Aviva.


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