Eppendorf India receives expanded NABL Accreditation

For calibration service for Temperature, Speed and Time


With the existing NABL accreditation for Pipette calibration, Eppendorf India receives expanded NABL accreditation for calibration service in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for Temperature (Thermal), Speed (Mechanical) and Time (Electro-Technical). The company can perform these NABL calibration onsite for various laboratory instruments such as centrifuges, incubators (CO2 and BOD), incubator shakers, freezers (Cryo, ULT, -45 °C, -20 °C), Thermomixer or dry bath, water bath, autoclave, etc.

Calibration and certification of performance of instruments make sure that instruments are performing to specifications. With the accreditation range of +200°C to -195°C for Temperature, 25 rpm - 30000 rpm for Speed and 60 sec to 3600 sec for Time, it can now provide a certified calibration for a range of laboratory instruments.

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