‘A confident start makes you fearless’

For start-ups, a well-executed website plays a significant role and boosts a lot more confidence among clients, says Clevergene Biocorp CEO and co-founder


Mr Tony Jose, CEO & co-founder, Clevergene Biocorp

Mr Tony Jose, CEO & co-founder of Clevergene Biocorp was in his office working on his iMac, when I went to meet him. 

"I was working in a start-up genomics services company back then," started Mr Jose as we sat together. I gave up a job offer to pursue PhD at the University of Texas, in order to pursue my entrepreneurial passion, he said. "I began there as a scientist and as well as a commercial business developer. I had multiple roles to play. There was a lot happening in the forefront of genomics. That gave me the confidence and inspired me to push my limits to start Clevergene."

Officially incorporated in June 2013, Clevergene Biocorp is a Genomics KPI (Knowledge Process Insourcing) company offering scientific consulting, genomics training, brand building and business solutions for life sciences industry, which is currently driven by six key people in all.

Its primary services also include capability building, brand identity creation, marketing strategy and campaigns, and BioHiring.

"We are bringing new life in to genomics applications. Genomics medicine and its fields are very futuristic, and we are already working in that direction. Genomic sequencing can revolutionize personalized medicine. We are also cracking the branding and marketing niche for life sciences industry," he said.


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