International Proteomics Conference to be held in IIT-B

The conference would feature over 70 keynote sessions delivered by notable scientists on various themes like Cancer biomarkers, Biomarkers of biofluids, Mass Spectrometry etc


The International Proteomics Conference and 6th Annual Meeting of the Proteomics Society, India (PSI) would be held in Dec 2014 at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. The 6-day long congress (6-11 Dec 2014) includes an International Conference, Workshops and Education Day. Dr Sanjeeva Srivastava is an associate professor at IIT Bombay and convener of the conference.

Proteomics, the study of the proteome, which is defined as the entire complement of proteins that can be expressed by a cell, tissue, or organism has evolved to become an indispensable resource for Biology and Biomedical research. Proteins being the direct facilitators of numerous biological processes are amongst the most effective and sought after targets for translational research. Their involvement in various cancers and a number of other diseases emphasizes the importance of studying the biological roles of these proteins.

The Proteomics Society of India aims to provide a strong platform for association amongst researchers from institutes and research groups in India and internationally, who have been using proteomic technologies in their research efforts to promote and advance their research.

Renowned scientists and policy makers from across the globe involved in cutting edge research in proteomics technologies and system biology are expected to address the participants on current research efforts in proteomics and multi-omics technologies. Leading pioneers like Dr Pierre Legrain (HUPO President), Dr Mark Baker(HUPO President-elect), Dr Gilbert Omenn (Ex-US HUPO President), Dr Samir Hanash (Ex- HUPO President), Dr Catherine Costello (Ex-HUPO President), Dr Catherine Fenselau (Ex-President US- HUPO, ASMS), Dr. John Yates, Dr Sudhir Srivastava, Dr Brenda Andrews, Dr Philip Andrew, Dr Chung Ching Ming Maxey, Dr Andrew Link, Dr Robert L Moritz, Dr Juan Calvete are amongst many distinguished scientists who have confirmed their participation for this event.

The conference would feature over 70 stimulating talks delivered by notable scientists on various themes like Cancer biomarkers, Biomarkers of biofluids, Mass Spectrometry and Post- translational modifications, New advances in Mass Spectrometry, Interactomics and multiomics analysis, Proteomics and Systems Biology, Mass Spectrometry and Metabolomics, Microbial Proteomics and Human Proteome Project. Interesting panel discussions addressing some key questions in the field of Biomedical and Proteomics would help scientists understand and upgrade the norms of research which would in turn result in shaping and elevating the standards of biosciences research pursued. In addition to this, parallel sessions on Biosimilars and biotherapeutics have been scheduled on 8th Dec 2014.

This seminar would witness participation of representatives from the US-FDA and other regulatory authorities, for the first time in India, to provide insights into how the power of proteomics based technology can be harnessed in the Biopharma industry.

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