Beckman Coulter supports The ONE study

Beckman Coulter donated flow cytometry instruments, reagents and is also providing scientific consultation and flow cytometry technical expertise to the study


The ONE study is an international collaboration of scientists across Europe and the USA

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is participating in the ONE Study, an international collaboration of scientists across Europe and the USA. This cooperative project aims at developing and tracking various immunoregulatory cell products in organ transplantation recipients.

Beckman Coulter is contributing its flow cytometry expertise in cell therapy and diagnostic technologies to support the study's specific translational research into organ transplantation and immune deficiency diseases such as HIV.

Prof. Edward Geissler, the founder of the ONE Study and head of Experimental Surgery at the University Hospital in Regensburg, Germany, said, "Collaborating with Beckman Coulter scientists has furthered our ability to conduct clinical research studies in the field of organ transplantation. In case of the ONE Study, this will permit us to more accurately assess the effects of various different cell therapies as potential advanced, therapeutic products."

Mr Mario Koksch, VP and general manager of Beckman Coulter's cytometry business unit, explained, "As a company we are increasingly working with clinical research scientists to enable them to standardize and streamline workflow for high content flow cytometry. This is particularly valuable for translational research being carried out across multiple sites where results must be reproducible. Our contribution to the ONE Study is already facilitating the consistent identification of cellular sub-populations of the human immune systems, which is vital to immunodeficiency research."


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