NCDs account for 53% deaths in India : White Paper

As per the recently released PwC NATHEALTH (Healthcare Federation Of India) White Paper, the non communicable diseases are growing at an alarming rate in India


Silent Killer! Non Communicable diseases are fast becoming a huge threat to the Indian population!

Non-Communicable diseases are anticipated to adversely impact the economy to the extent of 230 billion INR.

Overall, it is important to note that in a deacde, non-communicable diseases are the leading cause of mortality and responsible for 63 percent deaths worldwide. While in India NCDs accounts for 53 percent of deaths.

According to PwC NATHEALTH (Healthcare Federation Of India) White Paper, based on available evidences, the non communicable diseases prevalence in India includes 30 percent Cardiovascular diseases; Stroke 16 percent; Malignant Neoplasm 12 percent; Chronic Respiratory diseases and Asthma 22 percent; Digestive diseases 9 percent; Diabetes Mellitus/Endocrine Disorders 4 percent and Genitourinary diseases consitute 4 percent.

Currently, there is talk about developing a common framework for the NCD policy in consensus with PSEs and other stakeholders. However, there is no susbtantial work happening as the focus is more on communicable diseases, due to higher risks and fear of lesser preventive measures. 

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