Ebola will be on decline by 2016: F&S Report

As per the report 'Vital Insights on Ebola diagnostics' by the healthcare practices team of Frost and Sullivan, the commercial availability of the diagnostics will result in the decline of Ebola cases by early 2016


F&S predicts that if the Ebola crisis is not contained, despite our best efforts we will have a global burden of $5.9 billion by the end of 2016.

As per the report, Ebola virus is being contained in many of the developed nations like the US, Spain and France due to better infrastructure and the availability of rapid and quality treatment. It also mentions that the porous borders of Western Africa and its neighboring countries still pose a threat of a global epidemic of Ebola. The two countries at most risk are China and India who have large stakes in Africa, and due to increasing trade interactions and open sea ports, there is a higher chance of Ebola transmission to these countries.

The findings of report predict that, optimistically, there will be a decrease in the number of Ebola cases globally in late 2015-early 2016 due to the commercial availability of approved vaccines and treatment in the hard hit nations of Africa.

As per report, there will be a spur in the molecular methods market due to the urgent demand for sensitive and rapid tests in detecting and containing this disease. According to it, the Immunodiagnostics market will also continue to grow due to its cost effectiveness especially for initial screening of Ebola 


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