Exclusive: "Strongly in favor of national biosafety regulator"

Despite his age and health conditions, 89 year-old Professor MS Swaminathan, the celebrated expert behind India’s first green revolution, continues to lead efforts to fulfil his dream of zero hunger in India


Former Member of Parliament, Dr Monkombu Sambasivan Swaminathan was also nominated to the Rajya Sabha in 2007 by then government

Strongly in favor of a national biosafety authority for GM crops, said Dr Swaminathan during his interaction with the BioSpectrum's Rahul Koul. He expressed displeasure at the renaming of the erstwhile Genetic Engineering Approval Committee. Read on for details: 

Q: What are the current issues in nutrition that developing nations are facing? How much longer will it take to fulfil the zero hunger agenda?

Obesity is a symptom of the lack of understanding of nutrition. Feeding yourself without knowing the importance of right foods is the concern. It is also called nutritional illiteracy. Secondly, life style changes too are adding to it besides the wrong impression about health. Usually, it starts with the affluent countries and then moves to the poorer ones.

Year ‘2025' is the target and nutrition is the first vaccine. While our children are hungry, nothing else matters. India has already taken the first step in terms of nutrition security bill 2013 and 80 percent of the population would be entitled to cheaper food. Overall, I am hopeful that the technological interventions will prove very important for reaching there.

Q: What is your advice for improving the agriculture scenario in the country?


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