Manufacturing indigenously: Biosuppliers chase their dream!

Despite trying hard to enter into the arena of domestic production of research products, the Indian biosupplier firms have not able to make any substantial mark. BioSpectrum takes a look at the loopholes and requirements


Make in India: Research and development in order to compete is not new but it is just that the quality will have to be at par with the established brands.

The ‘Make in lndia' slogan by the prime minister, Narendra Modi may not sound new to the biosupplier industry that has been looking at this option for few years now. However, the idea of introducing low cost India made research products' competing with multi-national firms was not promoted at a large sale due to many complications including quality, affordability and convincing of clients.

The major factors that have led to the non- initiation of the manufacturing are believed to be within the circles of the policymaking also. The industry has been demanding special attention for establishing plants including fair tax regime and land at lesser price. However, the policymakers seem to have so far ignored the requirements of this tiny sector due to apparent lack of understanding of its importance.

Confident of doing it?

There are many erstwhile distributors of multi-national firms who want to set their feet in the manufacturing but are doing it rather slowly or cautiously. The maximum opportunities lie in consumables including reagents, 80 percent of whom are imported. Mr Arun Prakash, CEO, Genetix Biotech Asia which also has dabbled in the manufacturing its own range of products, says, "The key strategy initiatives of our company includes focus on our own brand building by introducing world class quality products at most affordable price."

Echoing similar views, Mr DK Dubey, managing director, 3D BlackBio says, "Our strategy is to produce world class molecular reagents for lifescience R&D in Indian manufacturing facility. We want to provide top class products at affordable prices in time as substitution to imports."


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