Vaccines: new initiatives for developing countries

The developing nations with a huge population have to bear the brunt of many dreaded diseases. Keeping that in view, the vaccine manufacturers came together to discuss the current scenario during a gala event at New Delhi


Prioritizing vaccines where the are needed the most!

In its 15th annual general meeting, the Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturers Network (DCVMN) International on October 28, 2014, launched multiple initiatives to accelerate access to affordable high-quality vaccines.

The DCVMN International announced their intention to support access to affordable high-quality vaccines by enabling a larger number of vaccine manufacturers to achieve a more sustainable and secure supply of priority vaccines for international procurement, particularly for GAVI-eligible countries, with the common goal of protecting people against known and emerging infectious diseases globally.

DCVMN through its members and additional global health stakeholders have been working together since early this year, in identifying needs and challenges of the vaccine industry in developing countries.

The four areas of action that have been agreed to strengthen and foster sustainable vaccine supply include the review of manufacturing facilities design; provide adequate training on evolving GMP requirements, quality management systems, and the WHO standards and prequalification; encourage dialogue on regulatory challenges; and facilitate access to independent experts able to resolve vaccine industry specific issues.

The three years' project costs of over 3.6 million dollars, pf which 60 percent will be sourced by international global health organizations and the remaining jointly by DCVMN members and partners. The priority vaccines to be targeted encompass pentavalent, hexavalent, pneumococcal conjugate, rotavirus, typhoid conjugate, human papillomavirus, measles/rubella, and inactivated polio vaccines.


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