Sakra World Hospital launches apps for Arthritis

Sakra World Hospital launches ‘Augmented Reality App’ and 'Touchscreen kiosk' for arthritis patient education in Bangalore


The apps provides 3D view of the knee joint and explain the steps of joint replacement surgery

Sakra world hospital has launched a first-of-its-kind "Augmented Reality (AR)" app. It is an interactive platform for patients to understand the concepts of arthritis and joint replacement.

The 'Augmented Reality App' enables the surgeon to show the patient a composite 3D view of how the knee joint looks and moves and explain the steps of joint replacement surgery. It works on any camera enabled smart phone or tablet. The 3D knee that emerges, automatically superimposes on the patient knee itself, making it look like the patient can visualize his own knee in 3D. As the patient moves and rotates his/her knee, the 3D image also rotates accordingly, giving the patient a 360-degree understanding of his/her knee ailment and the surgical procedure.

Along with this app, they have also introduced a ‘Power of Touch' app, which is a patient-friendly, touch screen educational software and is a one stop information treasure on everything related to arthritis. It will enable a patient or the patient's family understand what are the causes and effects of arthritis and also how a total knee replacement (TKR) works, its benefits and the care and rehabilitation to be undertaken post a surgery and much more. This app has been introduced to ensure that the patient takes an informed decision The interactive app provides an engaging way for demonstrating to the patient the symptoms of arthritis, myth busters, and how TKR helps. It also educates the patient on the options available and the procedure including post-operative care and rehabilitation details.

Dedicating the two-advanced technology apps to the patients of arthritis, Dr Raajiv Singhal, group CEO, Sakra World Hospital said, "The ability to instantly image the knee in 3D on top of the patient's actual knee anatomy is very powerful for the surgeon to educate the patient by giving the patient improved sensory perception." Dr Singhal further added, "Millions of patients in India are suffering from arthritis today and only 130,000 undergo TKR, the main reason being lack of awareness among patients. Hence educating patients is a must. They must avoid delaying the surgery since now here are newer technologies implants which last for 30 years and hence they don't need to continue living with pain.'



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