A new Scientific Advisory Board for Cypher Genomics

The company has formed a new Scientific Advisory Board to Advance Genome Interpretation and Biomarker discovery


Each member bring distinctive skill sets to the board

Cypher Genomics has announced the formation of a scientific advisory board (SAB) to guide the development and implementation of company's products, which include Mantis, the genome interpretation software as a service offering, and Coral, a biomarker discovery service.

Dr Kelly Bethel, Dr Michael Hultner, Dr Myla Lai-Goldman, Dr Arnold (Arnie) Levine and Dr Diego Miralles have joined as members of SAB, alongside Dr Nicholas Schork, co-founder, Cypher Genomics and is also SAB's chair.

"Cypher has gathered an exceptional team of scientific advisors who each bring distinctive skill sets to the board. Dr Bethel and Dr Lai-Goldman are physicians who  have routinely utilized genomic information in their medical practices and at leading diagnostic companies, respectively. Dr Hultner innovates at the interface of technology and healthcare with a focus on population genomics and Dr Miralles focuses on emerging technologies with applicability to pharmaceutical companies," said Dr Ali Torkamani,the company's co-founder and chief scientific officer. He added,  "With his co-discovery of the p53 tumor suppressor gene, Dr Levine is renowned as a pioneer in cancer research and genomics. We look forward to working with these thought leaders to advance Cypher's genome interpretation technology to find clinically meaningful information in human sequencing data to improve healthcare."

Cypher's fast, accurate and robust genome interpretation and analysis technologies facilitate differentiated molecular tests, efficient clinical trials and enable precision therapeutic decisions.



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