SignalChem Lifesciences unveils new facility in Bangalore

The company intends to convert early discoveries into drugs for global use in cancer, inflammation and central nervous system disorders


The unveiling of the new facility in Bangalore

At its new research facility, SignalChem will identify the cause of disease in each patient and determine a drug candidate that can potentially cure that disease.

Not only will the research facility in Bangalore allow the company to address various diseases in different parts of the world, but it also increases the value of the company's therapies and helps increase its intellectual property.

"Our province's biopharmaceutical sector is one of the fastest-growing in Canada, and the opening of this new research facility demonstrates that," said advanced education minister Mr Amrik Virk, who attended the facility's opening ceremony as part of Premier Clark's India Trade Mission. "I am proud to see British Columbia companies like this one making a global impact by making the necessary connections to expand their businesses into new markets."

SignalChem was founded in 2004 and the company credits a large part of its success to having a smart business model of financial independence.

In 2012, SignalChem grew to approximately 30 employees, and now employees 50 Canadians nationally and 95 people worldwide.

"SignalChem has developed a technology platform to discover new drugs by exploiting protein kinases that are known to cause diseases such as cancer, inflammation or central nervous system disorders," said Dr Akash Mathur, SignalChem's chief business officer and resident director of SignalChem India. "These diseases impact populations worldwide, and opening a research and development facility in India is a key part of our plan to address these diseases. Upon success, our plan will be a breakthrough contribution by a Canadian biotech company."

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n raju 9 February 2015 at 04:33 PM

could you please provide us the address where the facility is going to be functional


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