Need to replace existing health infrastructure says Dr Azim

India is spending far less on healthcare felt Dr Sabahat S Azim, CEO, Global Healthcare Systems who is of the opinion that the system created in the last 60 years has failed to deliver


A trained medical doctor, Dr Azim has earlier served as secretary to the chief minister of Tripura

"In case of the US, there was extensive use of technology during the H1N1 outbreak. They used it for getting real time information and increase preparedness. The number of searches by affected individuals on the subject was used to prepare the immediate response," stated Dr Sabahat S Azim, CEO, Global Healthcare Systems who was attending a panel discussion on healthcare at New Delhi recently. 

"On the same basis, in the next ten years, we have to see where we can use the information communication tools to deliver healthcare within the cost limits. Unfortunately in case of India, we are spending 200 percent lesser on health and we have to find a solution within the constraints," opined Dr Azim as he told BioSpectrum further, "I don't see a change in the existing public system suddenly. Since the existing system has not helped as it should have, there is a need for a change in paradigm."

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