"Govt has to take hard decisions," feels Dr Manjunath

One of the prominent agri experts of the country, Dr TM Manjunath is of the opinion that while the Modi government is sending right signals on manufacturing, it must not hold back policy on technology


Dr TM Manjunath, agri-consultant and former director, Monsanto Research Centre.

Speaking to BioSpectrum, Dr TM Manjunath, agri-consultant and former director, Monsanto Research Center, remarked, "I am much happy about this development. It is good that Modi government is instilling confidence in investors for agri technology among others. But we have been witnessing pressure from various quarters including activists on the government, which otherwise was percieved as business friendly.

Commenting on the genetically mdified (GM) crops issue, Dr Manjunath stated, "The conflicting reports on GM trials have made us keep our fingers crossed. While in principle, the GEAC's recommendations should have been accepted, the previous government too couldn't do so. And now we see that this government too couldn't go ahead. There is a need for hard decisions and I am sure that Mr Modi will do that in favour of agri-biotech industry."

"If we can reach Mars then agriculture which feeds us surely has to be taken care of. I am hopeful about that," he concluded on an optimistic note.

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