Phenomenex introduces Novum SLE

The company launches first synthetic sorbent for simplified liquid extraction (SLE), Novum SLE


SLE delivers higher sample recovery

Phenomenex introduces Novum Simplified Liquid Extraction (SLE), a novel, synthetic alternative to traditional diatomaceous earth SLE (also known as supported liquid extraction) products and a simplified approach to traditional liquid-liquid extraction (LLE). As the first of its kind, the synthetic Novum SLE sorbent (patent pending) can be used with the same procedure as traditional SLE sorbents while delivering improved lot-to-lot reproducibility.

Novum SLE simplifies the liquid-liquid extraction process by eliminating manual steps and reducing solvent consumption. SLE also delivers higher sample recovery than liquid-liquid extraction methods by eliminating analyte loss due to emulsions that can form at the interface of the two liquid phases. Novum SLE is available in 96-well plates. It feature long-drip tips that extend into the wells to reduce contamination and are available in two different loading capacities - 200 µL and 400 µL.

"By manufacturing the sorbent, we are able to provide improved lot-to-lot consistency, which is extremely important for labs using validated methods that rely on reproducible results," explains Ms Erica Pike, brand manager, Phenomenex. She added, "SLE requires just 15 minutes to process a 96-well plate, compared to 25 minutes for other liquid extraction methods. The faster processing time, combined with reduced analyte loss, translates to big advantages for higher throughput labs."

Phenomenex Novum SLE can also be automated using a liquid handler, further improving throughput.


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