Apotex claims drugs manufactured at Bangalore facility safe

After the Canadian federal regulator - Health Canada approached Apotex on quarantining its drugs manufactured at its Indian facility in Bangalore, the company snapped back saying that it needs to ‘set the record straight’


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When raw materials or finished products are imported into Canada, they undergo a re-testing process at a Canadian facility before being distributed.

"This secondary testing is not an option, but a legal mandate for all pharmaceutical companies shipping products and materials into Canada that provides an added level of precaution before the product reaches pharmacy shelves. This allows Health Canada to remain confident in the safety and effectiveness of imported products, and subsequently avoid any significant disruption in supply for patients," stated Dr Jeremy Desai, president and CEO, Apotex.

The company in a press release claims that it goes above and beyond the requirement and retests every lot of finished product supplied to the Canadian market.

Earlier in a statement, Health Canada said, "The quarantine will allow the department time to verify that products from this (Bangalore) facility meet Canadian safety and quality requirements."

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moon80340@gmail.com 15 October 2014 at 02:48 AM

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