Phenomenex adds new products to its core-shell line

The new product increases the versatility of the company's list of advanced HPLC, UHPLC, and preparative LP products


The 5 µm Kinetex columns are ideal for running long term compressions (

Phenomenex has added an advanced line of HPLC columns to its core-shell line, the Kinetex EVO C18. These columns are said to be made of a patented organo-silica grafting process that utilizes uniform stabilizing ethane cross-linking to create a unique selectivity and ultimately, pH stability from 1-12.

The new line delivers improved results, increased productivity and reduces costs as compared to other traditional HPLC media. The pH stability makes them ideal for use in open access labs for analytical and preparative methods.

"It's very exciting to witness first-hand the incredibly positive customer reaction now that the guarantee of core-shell performance at virtually any pH range is finally here," explained Mr Simon Lomas, brand manager, Phenomenex. "Now scientists can utilize Kinetex 5 µm EVO C18 columns to easily improve HPLC or PREP LC results without the pH restrictions of other core-shell products or the performance limitations of traditional hybrid and polymer columns."

The 5 µm are ideal for running long term compressions. Additional core shell particles are to be introduced soon.

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