GE Healthcare launches a new chromatography system

The company introduced its new product, a Capto S ImpAct cation exchange chromatography medium for purification of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs)


Capto S ImpAct offers high binding capacity and high resolution

GE Healthcare Life Sciences has added a new product to its Capto platform of high-performance chromatography media portfolio, Capto S ImpAct. It is a strong cation exchanger for purifying monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) and a wide range of other biomolecules. Capto S ImpAct offers both high binding capacity and high resolution even at high sample loads.

The high-flow characteristics of the Capto base matrix enable excellent pressure-flow properties. The small bead size for high resolution, in combination with the novel extended-surface ligands, support high dynamic binding capacity at high sample loads. The ability to run at both high flow rates and bed heights have been combined with these attributes to increase productivity and flexibility in process design.

Large operational window of flow rates and bed heights for easy optimisation and scale up, high productivity, cost-efficient manufacturing, security of supply and a comprehensive regulatory support are some of the key benefits of Capto S ImpAct.

It is available in different bulk sizes as well as in many prepacked formats such as PreDictor96-well filter plates, PreDictor RoboColumn, HiTrap, and HiScreencolumns.



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