Soon, cancer can be detected in minutes!

British researchers have developed a biosensor system that can detect biomarkers for cancer in blood, saliva and urine


Biosensor system was found to be five times more sensitive than the bio assays currently in use

Providing a ray of hope to the million cancer sufferers' across the globe, British researchers have invented a new biosensor that can detect cancer biomarkers, thus facilitating early diagnosis and treatment.

The study published in the journal 2D Materials reported that the new sensor system made of graphene was found to be five times more sensitive than the bioassay tests, currently in use.

The team said that the sensor system can be used as a rapid diagnostic tool, given its capability to detect cancer in a few minutes.

Mr Owen Guy, study co-author, University of Swansea, said, "Graphene has superb electronic transport properties and has an intrinsically high surface-to-volume ratio which makes it an ideal material for fabricating biosensors."

He added that these receptors were able to bind to, or target, a specific molecule present in blood, saliva or urine, thus detecting diseases in their early stages. This opens up the possibility of a rapid, point-of-care diagnostic tool for patients, he further stated.

Moving forward Mr Guy said that further research will be conducted to investigate a range of different biomarkers associated with different diseases and conditions.

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