BMG launches a new atmoshperic control unit

The company has launched CLARIOstar, a new atmospheric control unit, which enhances cell-based microplate assays


The microprocessor-controlled unit can regulate O2 and CO2 indepenedently

BMG Labtech has announced the launch of it's new product, an Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) to regulate and control the amount of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) within a microplate reader chamber. The ACU provides optimal environment needed for any live cell assay.

The microprocessor-controlled unit can regulate CO2 (0.1 - 20 percent) and O2 (0.1 - 20 percent) independently, and reproduce the specific physiological conditions needed for cell-based assays. In combination with CLARIOstar's extended temperature control and three different shaking options (orbital, double orbital, and linear), the ACU is able to provide the right physiological environment for any cell type. Accurate gas regulation is guaranteed by the incorporated altitude correction feature.

The device has integrated gas pressure regulators which allows easy setup and eliminates the need for any more pressure regulators. Furthermore, the integrated pressure sensors combined with an acoustic alarm allows for easy control of both gas supplies. A superior valve gas control ensures minimal gas consumption.

The user interface is intuitive, and comes with a backlit LCD touchscreen and the possibility of defining up to 10 user-presets along with the display of gas concentration curves over time.

The company's products are distributed by Biotron Healthcare in India.


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