Life Technologies launches gene editing products

The company has launched two CRISPR Products-GeneArt CRISPR Nuclease mRNA and GeneArt CRISPR Nuclease Vector Kits for simple, rapid gene editing


GeneArt CRISPRs can be used with other gene editing tools

To expand its portfolio in molecular biology, Life technologies has launched new GeneArt CRISPR products. These products leverage the type II CRISPR (clustered regulatory interspaced short palindromic repeats)/Cas9 system for genome editing. These use a RNA guided DNA endonuclease system, which works with the endogenous repair systems to alter the DNA of a cell.

The CRISPR product portfolio offers two options for complete flexibility and ease of use. The first, GeneArt CRISPR Nuclease mRNA is ready to transfect wild type Cas9 in the mRNA format. It is best for multiplexed screening of gRNA sequences, applications that require delivery by microinjection, and easier dosage optimization of Cas9 protein to gRNA in the cell. It is a better option for difficult to transfect cells such as induced pluripotent stem cells, or iPSCs.

The second is The GeneArt CRISPR Nuclease Vector Kits offer reporter and enrichment tags for tracking gene editing experiments. They are great for cloning and re-use of confirmed gRNA sequences. The GeneArt CRISPR Nuclease Vector with CD4 Enrichment is a vector system for the expression of the functional components of the CRISPR/Cas9 technology with a CD4 reporter.

GeneArt CRISPRs can be used with other gene editing tools, such as the GeneArt Genomic Detection Cleavage Kit.

"CRISPRs' provide a way to quickly and easily target those genomic sites that a researcher wishes to modify in order to engineer cells," said Mr Helge Bastian, vice president for synthetic biology, Life Sciences Solutions, Thermo Fisher scientific. He added, "Our new CRISPR kit format, along with our transfection reagents, offers a simplified workflow that enables the less-experienced user to easily carry out gene editing."


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