What's Bosch's next move in healthcare space?

After recently launching itself in to the healthcare space in India, leading automotive components supplier Bosch told BioSpectrum that it has more healthcare innovations in the pipeline


Mr Harsha Angeri, senior GM & Lead, strategy and business development, Bosch

In August 2014, Bosch launched its eye screening and detection system in Bangalore, developed primarily for the Indian market. The launch grabbed uncountable eyeballs across industries wondering about the company's decision to venture in to healthcare.

"As an organization mobility solutions and automotive are our major focus areas. We are already in the healthcare space through telemedicine platforms in the US and Europe. So our focus in India is to solve problems that are relevant to India, and not being concerned about what areas of business we are in. We believe we can bring in lot of technology practices that are relevant to the Indian market. So healthcare is our big focus area and you will see more innovations in the future," explained Mr Harsha Angeri, senior GM and lead, strategy and business development

The product is already available in the market and is priced at Rs 2.44 lakh, including the hardware and software components but excluding the algorithm.

The product has taken about 1.5-2 years to develop, according to Bosch.

When asked about the products' affordability factor, Mr Angeri said, "If you compare our product with what is available, this would be the most competitive price in the market. We have significantly changed the affordability equation."


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