200 bottles of Oxytocin seized in Hyderabad

The state drug control department has seized 200 bottles of oxytocin, a drug which is banned by the government of India


Each of the seized bottle contained 100ml of Oxytocin

The Andhra Pradesh drug control department has seized 200 bottles of the banned drug, Oxytocin in Hyderabad, as per reports.

Each of the seized bottles contained 100ml of the drug. It is used to boost milk production in cattle, and also to increase the size of the fruits and vegetables. Both these activities are considered illegal in the country.

The central government has banned this drug because of its various adverse side effects. "Under Schedule H of the drugs and cosmetic rules, 1954, the drug can be sold only as per the prescription of a registered medical practitioner. Other than this, any body found selling or buying the drug for other purposes, will be considered illegal and will receive a penal action as per law," said an official.

The drug control department has become alert and is conducting frequent raids on suspects after the increased use of oxytocin in packed milk has come to light. Earlier, they arrested one person for administering the drug to cows. The officials are investigating the case in detail.


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