Ebola could afflict another 20,000: WHO

WHO spokesperson said that the outbreak has intensified with the virus spreading to various cities


Ebola virus has mutated repeatedly through the outbreak

The World Health Organization said the the current Ebola outbreak shows no healing signs with new cases and deaths being registered with every passing day.

The health agency estimated that the current Ebola outbreak could afflict more 20,000 people, almost seven times the current number of reported cases, before it could be effectively curtailed.

Mr Daniel Epstein, WHO spokesperson, expressed concern over the number of Ebola cases being reported. He stated that many cases went unreported. Mr Epstein mentioned that the outbreak has intensified with many people from the cities too, falling prey to the lethal virus.

Mr Epstein however assured that the containment protocols were working as number of people dying from the disease had reduced to 52 percent. He stated that fear of death in treatment centers and lack of awareness has discouraged people from seeking medical assistance.

Meanwhile, experts analyzing the virus in scores of victims have said that the virus has mutated repeatedly throughout the outbreak, severely hindering containment and treatment efforts.

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