Despite ZMapp treatment, doctor dies of Ebola

The death of the Liberian doctor could curb the hope for ZMapp as a potential drug to treat Ebola patients


Nearly 100 healthcare workers have died in the outbreak so far

The Liberian Health Ministry has confirmed the death of a doctor hailing from the country, who had been battling the deadly Ebola virus. The doctor is said to have received the experimental drug ZMapp manufactured by Mapp Biopharmaceuticals.

The death of the doctor could dampen the optimism about the drug, that mounted last week when two US doctors who received the treatment were declared healthy and free of the virus.

Scientists said that it was too early to confirm the medicinal value of the drug as it had not been tested in humans before administration.

Mapp Biopharmaceuticals announced that they were left with modest quantities of the drug and that it would take a long time to produce new stocks of ZMapp.

According to the WHO estimates, the disease has affected healthcare workers at large, with nearly 100 healthcare workers dying of the deadly disease.

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