Are your heart, health, and job interlinked?

US scientists indicate that people working in a few sectors are at a higher risk of suffering from cardiovascular ailments than others


Job insecurity was the common cause of stress leading to cardiovascular problems

According to a new research conducted by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, people in certain job profiles are at a higher risk of suffering from heart attacks and strokes than others.

In a study published in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, researchers indicated that people who work in the service industry or have a blue-collar job are more prone to heart attacks and strokes.

Lead researcher, Dr Sara Luckhaupt explained, "Workplace factors that increase risk include job stress, exposure to air pollution like dust, smoke and noise."

People working in a few select sectors like administrative, support, waste management, remediation services, accommodation and food services, live science reporting suffered the most attacks, closely followed by people working in the wholesale trade.

Figures indicate that already, 2.9 percent of people engaged in wholesale trade in the US have suffered heart attacks and strokes. The findings also revealed that people working in finance and insurance had the lowest risk of heart ailments.


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