ABLE-AG disappointed by the halt of GM crop trials

The Indian government’s recent decision on halting field trials of GM crops has made many organizations in the industry raise red flags


Mr Ram Kaundinya, chairman, ABLE-AG

We have learnt about the government's decision to halt field trials of GM crops from certain media reports. If this is indeed true, we are extremely disappointed by the anti-science, anti-domestic research recommendations which seems motivated to kill the biotechnology sector in India.

Seed technologies can control pests and reduce insecticide usage, help farmers manage weeds and also manage their crops from drought, flood, heat, cold, disease or viruses.

Mr Ram Kaundinya, chairman, ABLE-AG said, "While taking into account the science and scientific facts, we expect the government to make an informed decision by considering the views of the local Indian industry as well. We hope the government will not get swayed by the malicious propaganda against GM technology unleashed by certain groups with vested interests."

India's agricultural productivity still ranks far below the best in the world, and if field trials are halted, it will have a far-reaching adverse impact denying new technologies to Indian farmers and the domestic seed industry, commented ABLE-AG.

Moreover, India's scientific capabilities will be crippled and domestic investments and innovation by the public and the private sector in agri-biotechnology will cease.

India's robust science-based regulatory environment is comparable with global standards, and must be more predictable to encourage domestic agricultural research, said the press statement.

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