Per drop more crop: Modi mantra for agriculture

In his address to the agriculture scientists at the foundation day of Indian Council for Agricultural Research, the prime minister, Narendra Modi has asked them to simplify research for the benefit of farmers


The prime minister, Narendra Modi presenting the NASI-ICAR Award for innovation and research at the 86th Foundation Day of ICAR and ICAR award presentation ceremony, in New Delhi on July 29, 2014

Addressing the agricultural scientific community at ICAR headquarters in New Delhi, the prime minister said that the work of ICAR should have two mantras: "Kam zameen, kam samay, zyaada upaj"and "per drop, more crop." To meet the challenge of "lab to land", taking scientific research to successful interventions, the Prime Minister urged agricultural colleges to start radio stations. He also called for a blue revolution that would extend the benefits of scientific research to the fisheries sector. He also called for greater research and promotion of coastal seaweed, and Himalayan herbal medicinal plants.

Mr Modi asked the scientists to elaborate upon their research in simple terms so that it could be understood by the farmers, and they could be convinced to try out new products and initiatives.

Earlier, Union Minister for Agriculture, Mr Radha Mohan Singh informed the Prime Minister that ICAR has prepared a contingency plan for 520 districts with the help of technical consultants. He said that ICAR has also started the program on climate base agriculture. Budget allocation for National Adaptation Fund established for Climate Change will strengthen the capacity to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change. He also said that Pradhan Mantri Agriculture Irrigation Scheme will help in increasing the size of irrigated lands and production.

The Agricuture Minister also informed that 639 Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVKs) were permitted to operate, whose major aim is to front line demonstration and to increase the reachability of KVKs. Additional KVKs were established in bigger districts. In these KVKs, technology information unit, mini seed processing unit, use of rainwater, soil and water tests, e-connectivity, corp hatchery and farm women hostel facilities etc., were given. ICAR also prepared the concept of 'Farmers First' to strengthen the Farmers- Scientists interface.

Mr Singh also said that agricultural research and educational institutes are the two pillars for the development of agriculture. So it is important to confirm that Agricultural Universities were imparting quality education and prepare the agriculture graduate to counter new emerging problems in the field of agricultural research and development.


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