IPA terms assessment of Indian IP policy by USTR, unfair

The Indian Pharmaceuticals Association has rejected the United States Trade Representative's assertions about India's intellectual rights policy and keeping it under priority watch list


The USTR has ignored several steps taken by India to bring transparency

IPA has challenged the USTR's assessment of India's intellectual property protection regime and suggested that India received severe treatment than other countries solely on the basis of its treatment of patented pharmaceuticals, which it says meet international obligations.

The secretary general of the IPA, Mr D G Shah, remarked that the USTR had removed the Philippines from its 2014 Special 301 watch list, but maintained India on its priority watch list.

According to the USTR's watch list a priority list have been created under its trade legislation to answer to its obligation to identify countries which it deems do not provide adequate and effective protection for US intellectual property rights. The Special 301 report displaying those lists was first published in 1989. Countries placed on the priority watch list "become the focus of increased bilateral attention concerning the problem areas," the USTR website said.

USTR, in April, had announced that it has removed the Philippines from the Special 301 watch list. The country was listed continuously since 1994, and was first listed in 1989, the release said. The removal from the watch list resulted from a series of "significant legislative and regulatory reforms by the Philipines to enhance the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in the country," said the release.

According to the 2014 Special 301 report, "In 2014, 10 countries are on the Priority Watch List and 27 countries are on the Watch List." Of those, "several countries, including Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Turkey, have been listed every year since the Report's inception." 


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