US BIO 2014 Trends: Gene therapy to treat heart disease

San Diego-based Taxum Cardium Pharmaceuticals has announced significant positive results for its pioneering angiogenic gene therapy Generx after phase 3 study


San Diego, 24 June 2014: Millions of patients with myocardial ischemia due to coronary artery disease can look forward better days ahead. Generx Ad5FGF-4, a new gene therapy developed by Taxum Cardium Pharmaceuticals, based here in San Diego, has shown significant results in treating this condition that leads to excessive blood flow leading to cardiac arrest.

Sharing the preliminary results of a global clinical study ASPIRE which involved more than 780 patients at the BIO convention here, Dr Timothy Henry, chief of Cardiology at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute said, "The new data from the study further supports findings of safety and efficacy from the four prior and published Generx angiogenic gene therapy (AGENT) clinical studies that have been conducted at over 100 medical centers worldwide."

This represents another important step forward in the development of an innovative biology-based microvascular gene therapy tool for the interventional cardiologist designed to broaden the cycle of care for a large number of patients worldwide with myocardial ischemia, Dr Henry added in a press statement.

"Heart disease is a leading global medical concern and is expected to be so for generations to come. Here at Cardium, we are focused on developing an effective and universally affordable cardiovascular gene therapy for ease of use within the current practice of medicine that can potentially be accessible to millions of patients with ischemic heart disease worldwide," said Dr Christopher Reinhard, Taxus Cardium's CEO and co founder of Cardium Therapeutics.

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