US BIO 2014 Trends: Cancer concerns

Combination immune therapies succeed better in cancer treatment


San Diego, June 24, 2014: A new paradigm shift is taking place in the treatment of cancer. Physicians armed with latest immune therapies which are combined with the existed targeted treatment methods such as chemotherapy are delivering better results in cancer patients, according to experts.

The annual BIO convention kicked off on June 24 at San Diego, California, with a super session on "a new paradigm in oncology treatment" where the experts were unanimous that in the past decade, our understanding of cancer's disease mechanism, along with these new therapies are delivering better treatment outcome for patients.

"Now our ability to learn about the response to modern therapies from patient is better. At the same with the use of latest computer software techniques data analytics are helping us to understand the disease mechanism more clearly. It will surely lead to more robust design of medicines," said Dr Donald A DePinho, president, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and a leading oncologist.

Added Dr Peter Lebowitz, head of oncology at Janssen Research said, "Now we have multiple mechanisms to understand the disease and with some of the new biological medical products, the treatment of cancer is leading to more understanding of the disease at the micro-level. Hopefully these factors will lead to even better therapies in the future."

Cancer is the most targeted disease for developing products by the biotech industry. The US regulator FDA approved a record 13 anti-cancer drugs in 2013. Cancer drugs were more than half of the new drugs approved last year. Another factor advancing cancer care is the availability of quick diagnostic methods.

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