Phenomenex extends its Lux Chiral Bulk Media Line

The new compactly packed phases save time and consumption through increased efficiency


Cellulose-3 and 4 phases, exclusively for preparative and batch chromatography applications

A global leader in advanced technologies for separation sciences, Phenomenex has announced the extension of its successful Lux chiral bulk media line to meet the needs of preparative chromatography and batch chromatography applications. The Lux Cellulose-3 and Cellulose-4, unique and complementary chiral stationary phases, are now available in 10 µm sized particles. The compact packing increases efficiency and enables the usage of shorter columns over the previous 20 µm sized particles.

The two new phases join existing purification media options of Cellulose-1 and Cellulose-2, providing a dependable, high-resolution screening set with a wide range of selectivity. All four 10 µm cellulose chiral phases benefit from Phenomenex's unique manufacturing process and silica coating technology.

The new cellulose phases, especially the cellulose-3 offers unique chiral recognition abilities to provide enantio-separation when other phases fail. It uses the Cellulose tris (4-methylbenzoate) as the chiral selector, a variant cellulose ester derivative. Each of the four phases use varied chiral selectors providing special chiral recognition abilities that complement the Lux family of columns. The 20 µm particle size particles are still available for customers using simulated moving bed (SMB) technology.

"The successful resolution of chiral compounds requires more than one stationary phase and the more phases you have to choose from, the better your chances of resolving enantiomers," explained Dr Marc Jacob, product manager, Phenomenex. "Our entire line of Lux media have been very successful in resolving hundreds of enantiomers and we are pleased to expand our product offering to meet the demanding needs of preparative chromatography applications," he further said.

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