Venus gets European patent for antibiotic drug

Venus Remedies has received European patent for the drug, 'VRP008' to fight multi-drug resistant bacteria


The product is expected to be one of the best solutions against ICU infections

The GLP accredited research centre of Venus Remedies, Venus Medicine Research Center has received another patent for a novel antibiotic product VRP008 consisting of carbapenem and a novel amino glycoside (NCE entity) from EPO. This product is the outcome of eight years of research  by Venus Medicine Research Centre, pioneering it into antimicrobial resistance research.

"We, at VMRC, have been working dedicatedly to provide an effective and affordable solution to the compounding problem of anti-microbial resistance ever since we recognized it more than 10 years ago. The sincerity and hard work of our team is reflected in the patents we have received from all over the globe for our novel antibiotic entities such as Elores, Potentox, Vancoplus and VRP008 (the research code for this AAE). Once launched, VRP008 will be one of the best solutions for ICU infections," said Dr Manu Chaudhary, joint managing director cum director research, Venus Remedies.

The product is designed for mixed multi-drug infections among pediatric, geriatric and adult immuno-compromised patients where the risk of adverse reactions is high and very low amount of doses are required. It is expected to capture a wide range of market sector, which is beneficial for antibiotics with wide applications.

Presently, at least 25,000 people die each year in the European Union from infections due to ESKAPE pathogens which are multi-drug-resistant organisms. The economic impact is estimated at €1.5 billion per year. Infections caused by these antibiotic-resistant bacteria resulted in approximately 2.5 million extra hospital days annually in Europe.

As per the company, the product has been developed by following stringent international guidelines defined for developing a new drug and has undergone pre-clinical studies such as acute toxicity, sub acute toxicity, intravenous and para venous toxicities as per OECD guidelines. Efficacy and Safety rules were established through a series of microbiological studies carried out as per CLSI guidelines. Apart from these, stringent stability studies on all the four conditions including reconstitution stability have been carried out.

In 2009, the global anti-infectives market generated revenue of $79.12billion for 12 months till the second-quarter, 2009. Over this period, the systemic antibacterial market accounted for 46.9 percent of this market segment reaching $37.14 billion in revenue. The total worldwide revenue for systemic antibacterials drugs for 12 months till the second quater was $37.14 billion. Overall growth for the forecast period from 2009 to 2024 is estimated to be 6.76 percent (CAGR) rising to a figure of $99.13 billion.

Besides this, Venus has also received an EU patent for its novel products Elores, Potentox, Vancoplus and Achnil.

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