GSK to freeze vaccine prices for GAVI Alliance

By 2020, 22 countries with growing economies will graduate from GAVI support


Sustainability, the key to GAVI alliance

Bangalore: GSK announced that it will freeze the prices of its vaccines for five years for developing countries that graduate from GAVI Alliance support. By committing to offer GAVI Alliance prices for vaccines against pneumococcal disease, rotavirus and cervical cancer, GSK will support developing country governments as they transition to financing the full cost of their local vaccination programs.

Since its formation in 2000, the GAVI Alliance has helped to fund the immunisation of 440 million children in some of the world's poorest countries. GSK is a long-standing partner of the Alliance and reserves its lowest prices for GAVI-eligible countries, which can be as low as one-tenth of the prices in developed countries.

Speaking recently at a European Commission-GAVI Alliance event in Brussels, Sir Andrew Witty, chief executive officer, GSK paid tribute to the GAVI Alliance leadership and its partners including governments, donors, charities and vaccine manufacturers which together have enabled millions of children in the world's poorest countries to receive innovative, life-saving vaccines.

Sir Andrew Witty said, "The achievements of the GAVI Alliance are remarkable with 6 million lives saved since its formation in 2000. Successful vaccination programs have no doubt also helped countries to develop in this time. For countries that are doing well and are moving out of GAVI, I'm pleased that we are able to offer governments a price freeze to help ensure that children continue to be protected by national immunisation programs. At the same time, GSK remains fully committed to supporting GAVI to expand and accelerate access to vaccines for children in the countries that still require the support of the Alliance."

With 22 countries graduating, GAVI can now focus resources on the poorest countries, while enabling governments to take increasing responsibility and ownership for vaccination programs over time. GSK is the first company to commit to maintaining lowest prices for five years as countries take this step, enabling governments to plan for financing the full cost of their immunisation programs.


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