Virtual hospital launches healthcare ‘app’

DocTree, a virtual hospital in India, recently launched its Android app designed to help doctors and hospitals provide instant help for patients’ medical needs.


Dr Sreenivasan Narayana, CEO and founder, DocTree

According to the company's press release, a patient only needs to provide important details like solution they seek, medical history, and upload documents if any, and location among others, and Doctree would provide a fine choice of experts suitable for that particular need along with the best prices within 24 hours of the request.

"With our new mobile app we are allowing the doctors to make an easy access to the portal and provide instant quotes thus hastening the process and enabling a patient to make an informed choice", says Dr Sreenivasan Narayana, CEO and founder, DocTree.

The concept for this web-based service would enable a consumer to search and select healthcare providers via a two-way dynamic online process.

"Patients need to play a more proactive role in the choices they make, for which they need rich and transparent information on healthcare availability, accessibility and affordability. We strongly believe that for every patient there is a doctor match available within his or her budgets. There is no way that a patient has to neglect the health due to cost constrains", says Dr Madhav Hegde, director, Medical Services, DocTree.

The DocTree mobile app is specifically designed for the medical fraternity who are new to DocTree, as well as those who are on board and are committed to shape up the health care accessibility in the country.

"Each one of us prefer convenience without having to compromise on the quality, and apps have been able to bring about this transition easily. With the help of DocTree app, things have been simplified and one can monitor the profile on the portal without having to login. This has reduced the response time to a patient's query drastically, and we can now provide our quotes promptly even when we are on the move after carefully going through the patient details," says Dr Ravishankar HR, senior consultant and laparoscopic surgeon, Bangalore.

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