Western models have failed, India requires its own : Sam Pitroda

The chairman of National Innovation Council, Mr Sam Pitroda believes that the adoption of western models of innovation might not work so well for the country in the longer run and that the nation needs to create indigenous ones


Mr Sam-Pitroda, Adviser to PM on Public Information, infrastructure, Innovations.

Speaking recently at the second foundation day celebrations of Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), Dr Sam Pitroda remarked, "The western models are no longer scalable. We need to create new models of our own. That is where the innovation comes into the picture. That is why the government had made the decade 2020 as the decade of innovation."

"There is the need of excellence in research areas which have been lagging in the quality. Hospitals have not been upto the mark. Accessibility is another area where a lot of work is required," added Dr Pitroda who is also the prime minister, Dr Manmohan Singh's chief advisor on innovation. 

Explaining the work of UPA government, he mentioned, "We have created state level innovation councils to focus on innovation. After three years of bickerings, scientists, bureaucary, workers came together to find the priority areas from the state. Idea is to get 2,000 to 3,000 people. Inclusive innovation is the key term."

The innovation happening in the labs may not be enough for that. Glad that the BIRAC started this journey. Clusters, scholarships and much more . 30-40 billion in biotech as an investment is important. It is possible to see biotech as 200 billion industry in the next decade. It is feasible if we focus. Hope is from the technology that offers opportunity areas across . The old generation must move out to pave way for new ideas to come, he concluded.

Dr K Vijay Raghavan, secretary, department of biotechnology (DBT),who was present on the occasion, mentioned, "From 20 million to 6.6 million child deaths, there has been a decrease. But the fact is that children less than 5 years of age die every year. Forging novel partnerships in sync with the BIRAC. What we require is the ecology for the translation. Critical question is if the research is creating enough knowledge."

Former secretary, DBT, Dr M K Bhan in his speech emphasized that the balance of values is a must and that the BIRAC will adopt the persistence as its policy."Moral strength and technical competence to achieve and make India pride. System allows for failure and that allows huge opportunity for BIRAC. Anybody can be Tata Ambani and challenge is small stakeholders whose voice is heard."

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