New enzyme technology increases yield, decreases energy consumption

On February 28, 2014, Novozymes announced the launch of ‘LpHera’, a new alpha-amylase enzyme solution that lowers pH during liquefaction.


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This enzyme is said to help starch processors make significant cash savings through increasing yield and reducing energy, water and chemical use.

The solution is designed to break down starch in a way that creates more dextrose compared to conventional alpha-amylases, resulting in higher yields, and chemical, water and energy savings.

The combined benefits can enable a starch processor save up to 1 USD per metric ton of substrate.

"LpHera brings the liquefaction pH level as low as 4.5-4.8. This means you can reduce your use of pH chemicals in some instances by more than 50%," says Mr Thomas Nilsson, global launch manager for food, Novozymes.

"It also prolongs the ion exchange service cycle, which in turn enables more savings on chemicals, water and wastewater."


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