‘We are not a risk-loving country’

On February 8, 2014, as a step towards engaging and mentoring young, ambitious and entrepreneurial BIRAC-BIG grantees (Biotechnology Ignition Grant Scheme), C-CAMP organized its Orientation and Mentoring Program at its GKVK Campus in Bangalore.


(Photocourtesy of www.easl.eu)

Mr Shrikumar Suryanarayan, co-founder, C-CAMP and Chairman, Sea6 Energy, in his opening presentation on mentoring said, "It is one of the big experiments in the area of entrepreneurship. It is about what we need to make to ensure our country produces while translating ideas in to enterprises. We are not a risk-loving country. We need to encourage people to take risks."

"While we can throw money at problems, that alone is not enough. Having all the money and great facilities cannot replace mentorship," he further added.

Talking about the role of mentors, Mr Suryanarayan expressed, "Many of us were not aware of our own potential at some point. The idea is that, initially even a seed needs to be given certain amount of sunlight, water and expert care and that is why we are here. At times we get discouraged because we do not meet the right people who see the potential in us."

According to Mr Suryanarayan, mentoring recognizes and nurtures potential. He opined, "There are different ways to slice and dice your ideas, and one is looking at the strategic business and technical, transformational and personal, and organizational potential. The approach is that it should allow you to occupy unique space and help you to pursue what you love and make you self-sufficient. We are in a technology game and there are tricks. It is all about learning from your experience."

Commenting about the financial challenges encountered by entrepreneurs, Mr Suryanarayan added, "Your finances are going to run out. You know your experiments are not going to work at times. How do you bounce back then? In the entrepreneurial journey, you cannot do it all by yourself. You need to carry your team. The reason is, it is the journey that is a reward, and not the destination. It is about making sure that we are equipped to enjoy this journey."


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