Scientists called upon to lead at BIB 2014

The highly anticipated second day of the 14th edition of the Bangalore India Bio 2014 had many thoughts being spelt out in every session – the fiery debates that were initiated at the event continued in the same vein


From drug discovery and vaccine development to biosimilars and the fight to attain global standards and even the thought provoking session on AgriBiotech - the second day of Bangalore India Bio 2014 had a wide range of sessions

Bangalore: In the next 50 years, innovation will be driven from the East. Karnataka's Biotech industry accounts for a third of the revenues of the Biotech sector which is currently worth $7.5 billion in the country and has huge potential. With these thoughts reverberating through day one of the 14th edition of the Bangalore India Bio 2014, the second day of the three day event had many thoughts being spelt out in various sessions spanning through the day.

The day opened with the plenary and keynote lecture by the World Food Prize Laureate 2013, Professor Dr Marc Van Montagu, also founder and chairman of the Institute of Plant Biotechnology Outreach (IPBO), Belgium.

Dr Montagu emphasized on how we are running out of raw materials like petroleum and that new materials are already in labs. "Biotechnology will play an important role in creating new raw materials that will help the chemical industry," he said.

He key message that he stressed upon was that the 21st century plants will be with GMOs.

Dr Montagu said that the argument against GM crops is mixed up with many things, including emotional issues. Addressing the productivity challenge, he said, "We require plants to deliver stable production and for this we need to return to the fields."

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