BD Diagnostics introduces system for infection detection

New BD BACTEC™ FX blood culture instrument can facilitate fast and effective clinical decisions for patients with bacterial infections


BD BACTECTMFX 40 Blood Culture System

BD Diagnostics, a segment of BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), introduced the BD BACTECTMFX 40 Blood Culture System for the detection of bloodstream infections. This new system improves clinical decision-making and laboratory workflow by markedly improving blood culturing practices with real-time, remotely accessible, actionable results that can enhance patient care.

One of the critical concerns & declared medical emergency worldwide is Sepsis. In India, published data shows that the ICU-specific mortality with sepsis is around 27%, 32% in patients with severe sepsis, and 50% to 70% in patients with septic shock. Reports say that every hour of delay in the appropriate treatment increases the mortality rates by 7.6%. Blood cultures are clinically critical and recommended for faster and superior diagnosis for sepsis.

With a compact and versatile system design, future upgradability & latest technology, the BD BACTECTM FX40 Blood Culture system is modular and affordably-priced system that offers customers to expand their workload over time through the modular capability of the instrument.

"This new addition to the FX family of BD Diagnostics will further enhance clinical decision-making and laboratory workflow by its innovative technology & design" says Punit Kohli, business director, BD Diagnostics, India.

It is the result of 40 years of blood culturing expertise and customer interaction, with more than 10,000 blood culture instruments installed worldwide. The system utilizes the breadth of current media containing our well established resin technology that provides unmatched recovery of pathogens from the blood. The BD BACTECTM FX system maintains the proven high performance and instrument reliability of the BACTEC series representing excellence in blood culture isolate recovery, along with exceptional instrument and media performance. BD has also pioneered the RESIN technology for blood culture media which offers significantly superior time to detection and antibiotic naturalization capability.

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JOHN ANI-AMPONSAH 22 July 2015 at 04:53 PM

excellent piece.


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