Samsung's first premium ultrasound with 5D technology

With stylish design and innovative features including the 5D technologies, MPI and ElastoScanTM that provides superior image performance, the UGEO WS80A redefines premium ultrasound for women's health


(Left to Right) - Ms Priya Joshi (GM-Ultrasound, Health & Medical Equipment, Samsung India), Dr Sneh Bhargava (ex. director-AIIMS), Mr Sameer Garde (sr.vice president & head-Enterprise Business, Samsung India) & Mr Dinesh Lodha (vice president, Health & Medical Equipment, Samsung India)

Samsung Electronics has launched the UGEO WS80A, its first premium ultrasound with 5D technology in India. The device features a 21.5″ wide LED imaging screen and a 10.1″ touchscreen for the controls, as well as a variety of software optimizations that help resolve relevant anatomy and outputs data to 3D TV's for an even more realistic view.

"As the first premium device, the UGEO WS80A represents the latest ultrasound innovation and leading IT technologies of Samsung," said Dinesh Lodha, vice president, Health and Medical Equipment Business, Samsung India. "Samsung will continue to put its best efforts towards developing medical devices that deliver true-to-life images and features that provide faster diagnosis."

The new UGEO WS80A combines Samsung's latest technology in display to deliver faster and more accurate diagnoses in the field of women's health. Its key features include the 21.5" Wide LED screen offers users higher quality color image representation as well as higher resolution compared to conventional monitors, delivering enhanced vision of the ultrasound images. Apart from that a 10.1" Touch Control Pad is highly sensitive, allowing for easy input to minimize users' stress from pressing the buttons.

The FRV + Inversion Mode - FRV(Feto Realistic View) has been upgraded to improve speed and to support inversion mode. Advanced FRVTM allows for detailed visualization of subtle anatomical features, thereby enabling intuitive diagnosis on the scanned 3D images and enriching patient communication. 5D NT (Nuchal translucency)* -- Enables realistic visualization of NT images that help detect Down syndrome. 5D CineTM -- Provides images that can be viewed on 3D TV for healthcare practitioners to acquire new clinical value through more accurate diagnoses of lesions and blood vessels. Apart from the clinical benefit, this feature also gives life-like 3D images of the unborn child. ElastoScan - applies strain imaging technology which displays the gradient value of tissue displacement via color map, thus making it easier for users to differentiate between benign and malignant masses through acquiring the strain ratio between the target and reference area at a much faster rate than its predecessors. Simple ROI selection and automatic calculation make breast diagnosis more efficient and intuitive.

Other additional features include the Additional EV Probe Holder, Probe Cable Hangers, Default Gel Warmer and Up & Down Lift that allows the user to adjust the system to the user's preferred height without straining.

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