Hairline International signs MoU with Merisis Therapeutics

Now get genetic testing done to predict your chances of balding and developing skin ailments early on

Hairline International Research and Treatment Center brings state-of-the-art international procedures, machinery and treatment packages to deal with hair, skin and beauty issues across the spectrum for men and women. Hairline has medical as well as beauty professionals for carrying out all procedures. To facilitate genetic testing for their patients, Hairline International Research and Treatment Center has now tied up with Merisis Therapeutics, a division of DiponEd Bio Intelligence LLP.

Announcing this, Dr Dinesh G Gowda, dermato surgeon, Hairline International Research and Treatment Center said, "Anyone with hair and skin condition will now be able to get a medical forecast that will tell them with 80% accuracy their risk of going bald or developing particular skin ailments. This is a big breakthrough in the medical world as we doctors can now prescribe the right course of action to arrest progression of a disease."

Dr Kaushik Deb, a senior scientist in cell and molecular biology and director, Merisis Therapeutics who has worked on genetic testing not only in India but in other countries as well says, "The analysis is literally of all the genes in the body and how they interact with each other and the environment. This profile shows gene patterns and therefore points out to any indications of the onset of an ailment. It is very popular in western countries due to its accuracy of prediction. We have brought it to Bangalore for the first time and it is sure to be a game changer in preventive healthcare space."

The international human genome project worked on sequencing human DNA to create a fairly accurate way of providing medical prediction on the possibility of a person contracting a particular disease or ailment in the future. This very same concept is now being applied to hair and skin to predict the possibility of balding, onset of psoriasis and other such hair and skin diseases. Once the results of the tests are in, medical professionals will be able to provide intensive help that will prevent the onset of any ailment. Genomic profile is not age specific and can be done right from the age of 1.

Mr Bani Anand, managing director and founder, Hairline International Research and Treatment Center said, "Lifestyles today are hectic, and youngsters in the 25-30 years age group are showing symptoms of balding due to genetic predisposition as well as lifestyle. With such genomic profiling, we are able to ascertain accurately whether a person is prone to excessive loss of hair. This will facilitate us in creating a customized treatment plan that ensures the health of hair and stops progression of balding."

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