Waters introduces ACQUITY QDa Detector

Waters Corporation on October 7, 2013, launched its new Waters ACQUITY QDa Detector, the first mass detector, which is claimed to bring high-quality, mass spectral data to chromatographic separations.


First look: Waters ACQUITY QDa Detector

On the same day, Mr Gary Harland, director, mass spectrometry product management, Waters Corporation, hosted a LIVE product webinar from the US for Indian journalists.

In his presentation, Mr Harland said, "The QDa Detector essentially is a chromatographic detector, which delivers mass spectral information as a synergistic element of a chromatographic separation system. Designed, to be used as a detector for a chromatographic system, to be robust, reliable, and have no sample specific adjustments which will traditionally be associated with using mass spectrometry technology."

Talking about the product features, Mr Harland expressed, "It has been designed to give chromatographers or analytical scientists much more information to completely characterize their sample without introducing the complexity of a mass spectrometer type product."

He further added, "It has been designed to give the users information that can help make decisions, meet deadlines, improve productivity or the way laboratory processes are run."

The company's press release also carried the following quote of Mr Art Caputo, president, Waters Division, which stated, "The ACQUITY QDa Detector is the realization of a vision that started 20 years ago at Waters. We foresaw a day when we could blend chromatography and mass spectrometry technologies together in a way that gives every analytical scientist access to mass spectral data regardless of their previous experience with mass spectrometry. The ACQUITY QDa Detector adds a whole new dimension to separation science and it is the most progressive leap forward in chromatography detection since the first photodiode detectors were introduced decades ago."


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