ICAR must develop IP for nation says Prof Sen

While delivering the foundation day lecture of the not for profit company AgrInnovate India, Prof Abhijit Sen, member, Planning Commission, asked the Indian Council for Agricultural Research to concentrate on development of intellectual properties for


Prof Abhijit Sen (right side), member, Planning Commission gave away certificates to entreprenuers!

AgrInnovate India incorporated on October 19, 2011 as a "not for profit" company owned by the department of agriculture research (DARE), ministry of agriculture, government of India, celebrated its second foundation day and conglomerate on innovative partnerships recently at Delhi. The company acts as an effective interface between Indian Council for Agricultueral Research (ICAR) on one side and the stakeholders of agricultural sector on the other side, for a significant purpose of securing, sustaining and promoting global agricultural development.

Prof Abhijit Sen, member, Planning Commission who was chief guest on the occasion, mentioned that today knowledge and technology are becoming the intellectual property rights and it brings benefits for those who own it. He appreciated the ICAR and AgrInnovate India Ltd. for encouragement of entrepreneurship and innovations and further urged that ICAR should concentrate on development of intellectual properties for the nation for better utilization of resources and to create entrepreneurships among farmers. Prof. Sen also launched the website of AgrInnovate India. (http://agrinnovate.co.in) and inaugurated the exhibition for showcasing the promising NAIP technologies on the occasion. The showcasing was organized by Directorate of Knowledge Management in Agriculture in collaboration with NAIP.

In his remark, Dr S Ayyappan, Secretary, DARE and Director General, ICAR and Chairman, AgrInnovate India emphasized upon the need of harnessing the synergies with industries for transfer of technologies by pooling resources collaboratively. He said that Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and Business Planning and Development (BPD) units play an important role in IP transfer and AgrInnovate is providing platform to promote development through IPR protection, commercialization and partnerships both in the country and abroad.
Arvind Kaushal, Additional Secretary, DARE and Secretary, ICAR and Vice-Chairman, AgrInnovate India Ltd. lauded the role of AgrInnovate in research and development, production of seed and vaccine, IPR, entrepreneurship and capacity building to secure the livelihood of farmers.

Dr D. Rama Rao, National Director, National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP), highlighted the achievements and role of NAIP in technology transfer and commercialization of new technologies. He said that NAIP and AgrInnovate are playing an important role for attracting and retaining youth in agriculture through different capacity building programmes.

Earlier, Dr M.M. Pandey, CEO, AgrInnovate India Ltd. welcomed the dignitaries and briefed the gathering about the mission and objectives of the company. AgrInnovate has been established with a vision to stimulate, foster, enhance and catalyze innovation and capacity driven agricultural development through partnerships.

Dignitaries released the logo and brochure of the company. Eight entrepreneurs were facilitated on the occasion. Scientists and officials from ICAR, NAIP and BPD units participated in the event.

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