Phenomenex's new core-shell HPLC prep column to enable higher loads for pharma lab purification

Phenomenex Inc., recently announced its new 30 mm internal diameter Kinetex core-shell 5-micron column in Axia hardware for preparative HPLC and SFC in pharmaceutical lab-scale purification.


Kinetex product line

The new 30 mm column will enable increased loading of sample and throughput. With the addition of this larger diameter column, Phenomenex offers core-shell media line can be used from analytical scale through scale-up to purification.

The Phenomenex Axia preparative format is said to deliver longer column lifetime, higher efficiencies, improved performance and high reproducibility, compared to conventionally packed columns for lab-scale preparative chromatography.

"Our range of Kinetex core-shell particle size offerings, including 1.3-, 1.7-, 2.6- and 5-micron, enables exacting scale-up in pharmaceutical applications, eliminating extensive method rework," said Mr J T Presley, brand manager, Phenomenex.

"The 30 mm columns are now available in C18, XB-C18, C8 and Phenyl-Hexyl phases, and we will be introducing more phases in the near future," he added.

5-micron is claimed to be the largest particle in the Kinetex core-shell family, delivering better performance than 5-micron fully porous offerings, with no increase in backpressure.


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