Rotary‘s network of members supports Sub-National Immunization Day activity

A 2010 analysis found that if polio transmission were to be stopped by 2015 the net benefit from reduced treatment costs and productivity gains would be $40 billion to $50 billion by 2035


To mark Sub-National Immunization day (SNID) children's 5 years and below were vaccinated against polio, across the country. India is currently running on the third year without a case of Polio and immunization.

The SNIDs are scheduled in states like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, parts of Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, West Bengal and one district in Jharkhand, followed by Bihar and Maharashtra.

"This sub-National Immunization activity complements the coverage of NID particularly in virus high-risk states and concern areas for the campaign. It is an ongoing effort to ensure no child is left without the vaccine and thus vulnerable to wild Polio virus from within or from outside the country - from polio outbreak countries. Our members and clubs are spreading awareness and supporting this important activity across the country", said Mr.Deepak Kapur, Chirman- Rotary International's, India National PolioPlus Society (RI's -INPPS)

India's effort towards achieving the 'Polio-Free stature' has been lauded and recongnized widely. Dr Margaret Chan, Director General, WHO, at the 31st health Ministers' meeting South-East Asia region, said "You did it. For 30 months you have got not a single case of polio. This country is moving in a big way to promote better health to their women and to their children." While urging nations of the region to adopt universal healthcare access for all, she added "I want to urge countries in this region, please continue to champion universal access to healthcare. That is the platform to deliver healthy human capital that are important for sustainable development in the future."

Taking lessons from India's success, the GPEI's robust five year plan (2013-2018) against polio has incorporated the key learning. India is being commended as the nation that could guide the three endemic nations - Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria - to attain similar success through their experience.

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