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  • 21 August 2013
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  • By Monali

CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution Optimizes Image Quality for Pediatric X-ray Exams

Carestream’s long-length imaging system stitches the captured images with a high degree of resolution and geometric accuracy


Children's Hospital at Erlanger (Chattanooga, Tenn.) recently implemented a CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution with Carestream's long-length imaging software to optimize image quality for all types of X-ray images including long length exams for pediatric surgeons and other specialists.

"We equipped our DRX-Evolution with high-resolution cesium iodide detectors to enhance image quality and help reduce dose. Our specialists immediately commented on the additional level of detail they are able to see in the X-ray  images," said Byron Stutz, Children's Hospital at Erlanger's Chief Radiologic Technologist.

The radiology department conducts hundreds of long length images each month for joint surveys, and for diagnosing and treating conditions including scoliosis, hip dysplasia and other abnormalities.

Carestream software adjusts the exposure discrepancies between images and compensates for the latitude differences therefore providing presentation that is individually optimized for each image and its corresponding analytical region. The image processing algorithm then stitches the individually optimized images together to create a smooth and seamless composite image for diagnosis.

The CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution DR Room is a versatile digital radiography system with configurable, modular components that combine to fit the space, workflow and budget requirement of each healthcare facility. This system can perform a wide variety of general radiographic exam with convenience, productivity and patient comfort.


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