Phenomenex extends Phree™ Phospholipid Removal sorbent family to tube format

Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in research and manufacture of advanced technologies for separation sciences, recently announced the addition of a tube format in its Phree Phospholipid Removal sorbent line.


Phree Tube

First offered in 96-well plates for automated applications, the Phree sorbent in 1 mL tubes is ideal for users with lower throughput needs as well as for labs who do not have the ability to automate. Phree delivers fast cleanup of plasma samples in pharmaceutical and clinical research laboratories.

Phree in tube format can be used with a vacuum manifold, a positive pressure system or with a centrifuge. In one step, Phree removes both proteins and phospholipids, including 99.0 to 100 percent of lysophosphatidyl and phosphatidyl cholines, which are not removed when a simple protein precipitation is performed.

Successful chromatographic analysis of plasma samples requires the removal of both proteins and phospholipids, which can clog HPLC/UHPLC columns. Phospholipids can also cause ion suppression and over time will reduce sensitivity due to buildup on the mass spectrometry source. Phree Phospholipid Removal products provide high recoveries of acids, bases and neutrals without the need for method development.

"Customer feedback on our Phree sorbent has been very positive, with reports of significant time savings, cleaner samples and longer column life," said Erica Pike, brand manager for Phenomenex. "Phree users are getting better mass spec results with no ion suppression."


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