Mahyco and Arcadia Biosciences achieved Development of Nitogen Use Efficient Rice (NUE)

Arcadia’s NUE technology can significantly reduce the need for nitrogen fertilizers and simultaneously improve food security, enhance farm economics, and minimize greenhouse gas emissions from rice farming


Mahyco Seeds, one of the largest seed companies in Southeast Asia and Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. , an agricultural technology company, announced the achievement of a key milestone in the development of Nitrogen Use Efficient (NUE) rice.

"Mahyco's achievement is a validation of benefits that can be realised from NUE technology, and is a significant step in the direction of improving food security, and environmental footprint of agriculture in Southeast Asia," said Eric Rey, President and CEO of Arcadia.

In achieving this key milestone, Mahyco clearly demonstrated that NUE technology significantly increased plant growth and yield in multiple rice lines developed by the company. Rice lines incorporating NUE technology showed double-digit increase in key plant performances and yielding measures. Beyond NUE rice, Arcadia and Mahyco are also working on a number of other technologies and crops to increase farm productivity and reduce environmental impact in the region.

Raju Barwale, Managing Director of Mayhco said, "We are overwhelmed to achieve this key milestone in the development of NUE rice. We are looking forward that this collabration with Arcadia on NUE rice will help farmers. Mahyco is committed to providing cutting edge technologies to the farming community."

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